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A lovely bit of news from our friends at Ochre

Meet the Ochre team…

Behind the scenes in Kathmandu

As a family business we are extremely proud of our ethical and environmentally friendly factory set-up in Nepal.  We therefore couldn’t resist sharing some snapshots from our January visit to Kathmandu…Look closely and you’ll spot Ochre imps, Isla and Elsie, assisting in the selection of next season’s colour palette…They also try their hand at knitting, on one of the big machines..!

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You may be surprised to know that OCHRE knitwear is made on hand machines – a labour intensive and highly skilled process. We employ and train mainly female workers to operate the machinery, teaching them to knit the designs into the required shape, style and measurement of the garment, using pre-made design patterns to guide them. The garments are then hand-dyed, assembled and hand finished, passing quality control before being shipped.

We employ approximately 100 people in our production sites in Nepal. Our workforce comprises mainly of young women who are usually the main income earners within their family group. We ensure that they are well paid and have excellent working conditions, as we feel these are basic rights. We have introduced facilities into the workplace that would seem normal in the United kingdom but are not so common in South Asia – for example, clean drinking water machines and proper toilet facilities. There is very little staff turnover within the company – most of our employees have been with us from the very beginning and we value their continued presence as the company has grown.

We try at all times to be environmentally aware, using as many local materials as we can, creating a supply chain which creates work for people outside our business. All the packaging, tags, and gift boxes are sourced locally, as well as the transport and shipping services that move our goods. All in all, it creates a rich source of income for the community.

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