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Wardrobe Detox

Do you ever have that sinking feeling when you open up your wardrobe? Lots of clothes but ‘nothing to wear’!

A wardrobe detox could be all that’s needed to help you put together a ‘good look’ each morning – your outfits will be much easier to choose when you actually want to wear what’s hanging in front of you.

At Hall & Co we are regularly being asked by our customers to do this for them, it can be really hard to do this on your own and we would be delighted to help you.

There’s no pressure on what you should keep and what you shouldn’t, sometimes small adjustments to the clothes you have will make you love them again, like changing the length or trying new colour combinations or simply rolling the sleeves up a little.

If you find however hard you try, it doesn’t work, then maybe it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to a once loved piece. We’ll help you through these decisions, ensuring that your hanging space isn’t cluttered with garments you know you won’t wear!

We can then make a note of what seems to be missing so that you shop to complement your collection rather than add random impulse buys or buying more of what you have already.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to find out more before you book – simply call or drop in for an initial chat.

£175 for 2 hour session (including travel within 10 miles of the shop). £80 per additional hour.

Amy and Jude

Customer Testimonials

I cannot recommend spending a few hours with Amy highly enough. Despite feeling slightly terrified about letting someone into my wardrobe I was soon at ease thanks to her gentle approach. Amy quickly sussed out my style, gave me the confidence to decide what i liked and what worked for my life and most importantly what doesn’t! No judgement, no rules, just a bit of guidance and an honest assessment resulting in a more organised wardrobe, new combinations of old clothes and a pile of items I felt good about parting with. Overall a great experience.

I just wanted to say how much I loved your wardrobe detox.  I’ve now got some new outfits where I wouldn’t have put things together without your help.  The overhaul has really allowed me to make the most of my clothes and the reorganisation has made me think more about what I do have in my wardrobe.  I am officially decluttered and finding suitable things to wear has been made so much easier….and I don’t miss what’s gone!  I can’t thank you enough as your service has made such a great difference.  Thank you.